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Seals for Special Requirements

For specific customer requirements special application solutions are necessary for each case and situation. Whether e.g. for adhesive, crystallizing, acidic or basic media, seals from our modular programs range are.

Cartridge mounted, single-acting mechanical seal, protective spring chamber, particularly resistent to chemical processes in flue gas desulfurization.


  • pressure balanced, stationary construction type
  • multiple spring-loaded
  • Spring outside of pumped medium in protective spring chamber
  • independent of rotational direction
  • temperature dependent on the auxiliary seals
  • applicable up to 25 bar
  • V umax. = 15 m/s

Different Versions for Individualisation

Construction Materials:
1.4571, 1.4462, HC
Materials Rotary and Stationary Ring:
Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, A/B Carbon, Chrome Steel
Materials Auxiliary seals:
NBR, Viton (FDA), EPDM (FDA), Kalrez, PTFE
Other Materials:
subject to enquiry
Dimensions / Sizes:
50-250 mm
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