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Group HD Mechanical Seals 

Dynamic high pressure seals for installation spaces in accordance with DIN norm. Equipped for up to 25 bar. Variety of materials makes them suitable for many different applications.

As the spring assembly doesn´t come into contact with the product, these mechanical seals, even in contaminated media, are longer-lasting and more durable.

HD 21
Dynamic, single-acting mechanical seals, multiple spring-loaded


  • pressure balanced, dynamic construction type
  • externally-flushed and self-flushed depending on requirements
  • multiple spring-loaded
  • Spring outside of pumped medium
  • independent of rotational direction
  • temperature dependent on the auxiliary seals
  • applicable up to 25 bar
  • V umax. = 15 m/s

Different Versions for Individualisation

Construction Materials:
1.4571, 1.4462, HC4
Materials Rotary and Stationary Ring:
Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, A/B Carbon
Materials Auxiliary seals:
NBR, Viton (FDA), EPDM (FDA), Kalrez, PTFE
Other Materials:
subject to enquiry
Dimensions / Sizes:
in accordance with DIN norm up to 100 mm, above that subject to enquiry
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